Vertically Aligned Companies

Fostering mutual growth through strategic business partnerships

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

We invest in vertically aligned businesses that are scalable and can grow with our expansion throughout Western Canada. They are leaders in their space. By understanding and supporting our ecosystem, our businesses flourish in a network that supports leadership, personal development, and team building.

Braemore Property Management, a vital component of the Epiphany Group, stands at the forefront of enhancing the value and operational efficiency of real estate assets. This approach aligns closely with Epiphany’s strategic goals, creating a seamless management experience that benefits property owners and tenants alike. Braemore’s commitment to excellence is evident in its provision of a broad range of services, designed to address the immediate needs of properties while strategically planning for their future growth and sustainability.

Acera Insurance – Solutions Group stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency in the insurance sector. By managing a comprehensive suite of insurance services in-house, Acera streamlines processes, from policy origination to claims management, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. This model enables Acera to tightly control quality, response times, and customer service, aligning perfectly with the Epiphany Group’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction. Acera’s proactive approach not only meets the current needs of policyholders but also anticipates future trends, positioning the company as a forward-thinking leader in the insurance industry.

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