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Real Estate Limited Partners

Our operations split into two focused real-estate partnerships: Epiphany Commercial and Epiphany Multi-Family. Epiphany Commercial manages and optimizes commercial real estate for maximum investor value and tenant satisfaction, while Epiphany Multi-Family focuses on residential properties, emphasizing quality living and community. This approach guarantees expert management and growth across our portfolio.

Epiphany Multi-Family

Epiphany Multi-Family invests in residential properties that prioritize sustainable living and tenant satisfaction, creating valuable, community-focused homes that ensure strong returns for investors.
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Epiphany Commercial

Epiphany Commercial focuses on strategically located and innovatively designed commercial properties, managing a diverse portfolio to maximize investor value and support tenant business growth.
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Braemore Property Management

Braemore offers expert management for properties, enhancing client satisfaction and investment returns through services, including maintenance and tenant relations.
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Acera Insurance - Solutions Group

Acera Insurance - Solutions Group delivers innovative, personalized insurance coverage for both individuals and businesses, helping clients manage risks and protect assets efficiently.
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Vertically Aligned Companies

Our operations are bolstered by two key entities: Braemore Property Management and Acera Insurance – Solutions Group. Braemore ensures top-tier management for our properties, focusing on tenant satisfaction and asset performance, while Acera provides specialized insurance solutions to protect our investments. Together, they enable a seamless, secure service offering, enhancing value and peace of mind for our stakeholders.

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