We are proud of the partner companies we work with and their incredible teams. With use of shared systems, implementation, networks, and creative marketing, our partners understand their businesses, work collaboratively, and innovate to lead their industries in growth.
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We create an
environment of
true partnership and business support.

At Epiphany Partners, we have a true support network where our businesses can access consulting, process, marketing, technology, and financial management services. This partnership will foster success and growth for our businesses today and provide legacy and succession options for tomorrow. Incredible success can be found when you bet on people, empower them to make decisions, and allow them to participate in ownership and profits.

You've started a business, honed your craft and business has exploded. You now feel overwhelmed, overworked and you're not sure what to do next?

You're an established business, everything was running smoothly but now parts of your business keep you up at night?

How does your business continue your legacy without you working long hours every day? Does the next generation or key employees need support to allow you to enjoy the life you've built?

We can help

Epiphany Group will purchase, partner, invest, and provide succession options for businesses in all stages of growth. The current service landscape lacks a business support system that fully aligns interests. We invest as owners, and because of this we assist in making better long-term decisions than fee-based teams. Supporting our ownership teams to lead their industries in strategy, structure, implementation of technology, and offering value as trusted advisors will deliver unmatched growth. We know where the buck stops and we're here to help.

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