To facilitate our growth model, and provide certainty for tomorrow we needed to create a consistent and predictable Capital pipeline so on Sept 2021 we created:

Epiphany Legacy Investment Mutual Fund Trust

Legacy Investment Mutual Fund Trust was formed in the Fall of 2021, with over $29.4 in residential and commercial real estate assets, and strong operational partnerships with Canadian Western Bank, Braemore Property Management, The Epiphany Group and others.

The mandate of the Trust is to generate sustainable accretive growth for our investors.  The foundation of the underlying business dates back to 2007, and the Trust has over 100 years of combined senior management experience in commercial & residential real estate, capital markets and operations management.

Over 2022 and into the first half of 2023, Legacy has grown and matured.  At present the trust has raised $7.6M from just over 380 investors.  These funds have been invested into residential and commercial real estate assets.

The portfolio of properties, that Legacy has invested in, has increased to 30 buildings in Western Canada, worth just over $58M.