As your business grows so do the demands on the people-side of your business. We work with you to try to optimize the people within your business, assess the shortfalls of manpower and develop human resource strategies around your firm.

Internal Roles and Responsibilities

The internal structure for many organizations is primarily based on arrangement/grouping of personnel who have roles and responsibilities to assist the organization in accomplishing operations and business goals. A standardized process for how these roles and responsibilities are structured does not exist, and certainly not one that incorporates the organization’s individualized needs into the internal structure for optimum performance. At The Epiphany Group we understand that defining a role and its responsibilities is the first step in moving toward assessing both efficiency and effectiveness of the people within a company. The primary roles we focus on are: Insurance Administration, Asset Administration, Operations Specialist, Advisor, Associate Advisor, and Executive.


In the Financial Advising and Insurance industries, questions and concerns about compensation structure frequently arise. Common questions are: how to determine the right compensation for roles within your organization, or what are average industry pay scales? Whether it is someone new or existing in your organization we can help you decide the right compensation models for you.

Organizational Efficiency

Organizational Efficiency looks at factors, such as human capital, that occur in your firm and influence the organization’s use of its resources, both internal and external. The quality of your management is one of the most influential factors on organizational efficiency, as it is management who selects and implements strategic plans. At The Epiphany Group we can assist you in the design and implementation of your plans, customized to increase efficiency in every area of your business.

Human Capital

For members looking to grow their team, we can assist in this overwhelming process. Let us take you through effective and efficient hiring procedures to assess effortless team expansion for Insurance Administration, Asset Administration, Operations Specialist, Advisor, Associate Advisor, and Executives.

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